Pedocci Mussels

Ever considered which is the finest  textured, best tasting Mussel - most people we ask have not. Mussels are one of the oldest species on this earth, dating back to the very beginning of time, and with our help, the  consumption of mussels in Australia is one of the highest growing industries in the developed world. We, Pedocci Mussels are teaming  up with the Victorian based members of the Australian Mussel Industry Association to provide our customers with the freshest, most delicious and highly nutritious blue mussels available. The most commonly grown variety in Australia are the tasty blue mussels which are sweet in flavour, high in protein and low in fat. We offer this power food freshly steamed with a variety of additional sauces to tantalize even the fussiest of tastebuds. Some of our flavour varieties include Beer, Garlic & Bacon; Chilli Tomato and Lemongrass & Coconut Green Curry. Fresh mussels from our local waters is a taste hard to beat.

Pedocci Mussels was created to offer a flavoursome, nutritious and low in fat alternative to seafood currently being offered by market vendors.

Our vision for Pedocci Mussels is to continue offering consistent quality and value for money products with an emphasis on healthy living and eating. Our focus on healthy eating has provided us the opportunity to consistently stand out from the crowds and our enthusiasm for this community setting keeps our customers coming back time and time again.